If you haven't ordered a side of pork it likely seems pretty confusing but here is the important thing to remember ... it is a cheaper way to buy pork, it gives you the ability to have it cut up exactly the way you want, and it is also a way to buy a higher quality pork…depending on who you buy it from.

How much space do you need? Roughly 1.5 'banana boxes'

The most confusing part is how the price is quoted. There is 'hanging weight', and 'finished weight" or 'box weight'.

1.   '  'Hanging weight’ is the weight of the pig after the first step of butchering has taken place. It is the weight of the pig without the head and entrails. Most butchers and farmers (me included) will quote a price based on hanging weight. This is because the next step, finished weight, depends on how the customer wants it cut up.

3.       Finished weight is the final weight of all the cut-up pieces. This can vary depending on how much fat there is and how many cuts are boned out or ground.


The average side from one of our hogs will weight a minimum of 110 pounds 'hanging'.


Option #1. The easiest way is to buy the side as a box set…where we charge $420/side. This includes all costs and is the same regardless of weight (minimum weight is 110 lbs hanging weight). We offer this so that customers know what they are paying ahead of time and can budget accordingly. You will get approximately 70-80 lbs of product.


Option #2. Buy by the side. We charge $3.95/lbs hanging, so the total price for the side of pork will be roughly $435. Depending how you get it cut up you can expect about 75-80 lbs of finished pork from that side. ($435 / 75lbs = $5.80/lb).

Butchering cost are always included (we are probably the only farm to do this). These costs include cutting and wrapping, and smoking and curing hams and bacon.

Sausages are an additional charge, if you want sausages done, is that there is a minimum batch size of about 30 pounds. This means that it is really only feasible to get one type of sausage made, otherwise you will end up losing a lot of other good cuts that will need to be made into sausage. Having sausage made or smoking (bacon or ham) adds about another $1.50-$2/lb.

What cuts can you get? A 1/2 hog standard cut includes the following:




Pork chops 1″ – total of 23 pork chops, 7 packs of 2 + 3 packs of 3


Spare Ribs – Ask for my mother’s recipe if you need one


Ground pork in 1 lb packages


Fresh Ham – easily brined or sent for smoking


Fresh Bacon Slab – brine & slice or send for smoking


Shoulder Roast


Butt Pork Roast


Stew Bones


Fat – you can render this or feed it to dogs or chickens