The farm currently has Landrace and Berkshire sows and boars. The Landrace is a domesticated type of pig known for long loins and lean hams. As well Landrace are known for their length of body, high percentage of carcass weight in the ham and loin, and ideal amount of finish.The Berkshire type are known for their marbled loin and exceptional fat content. 

Our hogs are born and raise on Sandy Acres Farm. We do not use gestation stalls or farrowing creates. All of the piglets are born from naturally raised sows in large, spacious pens designed for safety and comfort.

There are generally two kinds of pork on the market, one has no flavor and is watery, and the other has really thick fat on the outside, but no marbling in the middle, so it’s dry and course. Our pork has a nice edge of light fat and a little marbling, so it has good, juicy flavor that runs throughout.